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About the Service

Why a self-assessment for the nonprofit board?

In a nonprofit, the board of directors is the ultimate authority with significant fiduciary duties.  Having an independent evaluation can help provide valuable knowledge about the degree to which the board is succeeding in meeting its obligations.  Conversely, it can indicate what areas need improvement.

A self-assessment can provide accurate and direct feedback about how well the board members, individually and collectively, are executing their tasks.  It also affords each board member an opportunity to anonymously furnish candid feedback to a neutral professional.

The assessment tool is made available on-line to each board member. There will be a mutually agreed upon date by which all questionnaires must be completed.  Upon completion, the answers will be compiled and analyzed, after which a report will be made available to the designated party (such as the board’s executive committee or president).  The report will not only describe the board’s strengths but its perceived weaknesses as well. 


If there are areas that need improvement, the report will make suggestions as to how to proceed.  The suggestions will include organizations and/or individuals competent in the areas that may need further development.


1.) Contact Frank to discuss the possibility of a self-assessment.

2.) Once agreement has been reached, payment is made via PayPal or check.

3.) Once payment is received, an individual on the board will be designated to be the contact person.

4.) He/she will e-mail the relevant information to each board member.

5.) The contact person will supply a copy of each e-mail to Frank so he can monitor the responses and, if necessary, send a reminder to the individuals who have not completed the questionnaire.

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